It all starts with a DREAM

We help companies achieve what they dream of within Security, Compliance and Execution of Change.

Securitylocus was founded in 2005 as a small independent consulting firm that has since grown into a well-established company dedicated to helping other companies create added value with minimal resources.

What makes us Different

At Securitylocus good customer service and delivering value drives us.

Securitylocus' people are characterized by a personal drive to contribute to the team, meet objectives at hand, and constantly improve competences.

Securitylocus always aspires to create the conditions for development and positive change by finding viable, solid, and quick solutions. We demonstrate a constant vigilance, an unrelenting commitment, and we reach extraordinary lengths to support our customers and consultants.

Keeping our customers Safe and Protect our customer assets

When leading and facilitating projects we always strive to create tangible results that lead to visible and measurable added value for our customers. We believe that in strong collaboration with our clients we can achieve functional solutions to overcome the complex business challenges of our customers.


How can we help?

Our consultants cover a wide range of areas within Security, Compliance, and Execution of Change. These can be combined and expanded depending on your specific needs and queries. 


Our Vision

Retain, recruit, develop, and attract the industry’s best Management Consultants and thought leaders through an environment that embraces creativity and innovation


Our Values

Improve performance

Deliver excellence

Create an environment for extraordinary people


Boost your career

With Securitylocus Academy, we offer wide range of expertise mainly within IT, Banking, and Pharma 

How do we ensure the best solutions?

Today, Securitylocus provides consulting services for a wide range of complex changes, where we are very successful in matching the right profiles to our clients’ specific needs. To create visible and long-lasting value we ensure that our consultants live up to the expectations of applying agile methods and plan driven methods to ensure execution and safety.


Feedback from clients

"The consultant has successfully utilized the chosen processes and methods in managing the project. They have shown maturity and achieved implementing the necessary changes such as sharpening the test management processes and validation"

- Head of Project Delivery at Siemens                                                                                    

"As a consultant within the Access Rights Management system for a lager banking corporation, they assisted internally with the establishment of processes, planning strategies and innovative solutions to help grow and optimize the firm’s internal capabilities. Responsibilities ranged from business development, analytics and project coordination"

- Regional Manager at Nordea


We continuously work on sustainability initiatives so that we can help make a difference and leave our planet in a better state.

Through 'One Tree Planted', we have planted 1.100 trees across Africa, Denmark, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Amazon rainforest. 

This means that all our consultants and employees are CO2-neutral. Furthermore, we have bought extra trees so several of our customers are CO2-neutral as well.

In addition, our company cars are electric, our electricity is from solar cells, and we use a heat pump powered by wind energy as well as solar cells.