Governance, Risk and Compliance – GRC

Securitylocus help your company to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance – GRC, so that you can avoid security breaches.


Evolving your risk and compliance program is an ongoing
initiative that spans your entire organization and relationships.
You need a solution that is simple to use across your business,
embedding risk management into your everyday activities.
Modern businesses need a system that adapts to their needs
over time without sacrificing the familiar toolset of traditional
GRC solutions. Modern businesses need a system that adapts
to their needs over time, maps risk to business objectives,
and shares information across domains without sacrificing
traditional GRC solutions’ functionality.

Governance, Risk and Compliance – GRC Solutions

GRC Solutions Enterprise Risk Management
Board and Senior Executives
Highlight KRIs and translate risk data to context-rich measurements of potential impacts on your business.
Privacy and InfoSec Leaders
Integrate privacy and security into your risk management design across frameworks and implemented controls.
GRC Solutions Vendor Risk Management
Risk Management Professionals
Streamline reporting and engagement with first-line business units to make risk management an ongoing activity embedded in everyday operations.
ISO Compliance Audit
Audit Professionals
Summarize audit findings and recommendations as you measure business activities, and control design as well as effectiveness to determine if operations are in line with your policy and regulatory requirements.
Compliance Officer
Utilize related controls to dynamically measure operations across a number of regulatory frameworks to maintain and elevate your compliance efforts.
IT Risk Management
Map the scope of your business assets and measure associated risk across your digital ecosystem to proactively monitor system vulnerabilities and track IT initiatives.