Detect Cybersecurity breaches

Securitylocus help your company to detect Cybersecurity breaches.

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It’s not always easy to tell if your business has experienced a cyber security breach. Attackers use a variety of ways to avoid detection and stay in your system long enough to harvest as much data as possible. Sometimes, it can take months – and often longer – to realise that an attack has taken place. By that stage, attackers might have already caused significant damage to your business or customers.

Detect Cybersecurity breaches – How to detect a security breach

Detecting cyber attacks is a challenge even for the experts, but certain warning signs could indicate that a cyber breach or intrusion is underway. For example:

  • suspicious network activity (eg strange file transfers or log in attempts)
  • sudden changes to critical infrastructure or system passwords and accounts
  • suspicious files in your system, which may or may not have been encrypted
  • suspicious banking activities and transactions
  • inexplicable loss of access to your network, email or social media accounts
  • leakage of customer details, client lists or company secrets
  • unusually slow internet connections and intermittent network access
  • error signs or warnings in browsers, anti-virus or anti-malware tools alerting you to infections

Breach detection systems

Breach detection tools (also known as intrusion detection tools) can help identify threats inside your network. They are either software or hardware products capable of recognising active threats and alerting relevant security staff that they need to take action. For example, you can set up these tools to monitor the network and send an alert if they suspect:

  • suspicious user behaviour
  • vulnerability in the network
  • threats in applications and programs

These tools focus on identifying intrusions after they happen, containing and controlling the breach, and mitigating the damage.

We help protecting your company with award security technology powered by Crowdstrike, SentinelOne and Microsoft.