Analyse Cybersecurity breaches

Securitylocus help your company to analyse Cybersecurity breaches.

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The field of Endpoint forensics seeks to help investigators reconstruct what happened during an endpoint intrusion. Did an attacker break in because of a missing definition / signature / policy / setting or a configuration, and if so, how? What havoc did the attacker wreak after breaking in?

Analyse Cybersecurity breaches – Overview

Tools that help investigators answer these types of questions are still quite primitive and are often hindered by incomplete or incorrect information. Our analyzing Endpoints Forensics can enable more-powerful forensic analysis through techniques such as streaming a computer’s EPP (Endpoint Protection) health status, policies, settings, and configuration in addition to IoT vulnerable assets, data events & vulnerabilities.

Devices (IT/OT) health state and security configurations policies and settings are critical to Security Operation Center – SOC team helping them to address the following use cases:

  • Identifying onboarded devices and their health status
  • Activity and a security posture for IT/OT assets
  • Viewing the compliance status of the devices based on the security recommendations
  • Identifying devices vulnerabilities and hence provide a triage – matrix remediation framework