Management consultants who execute, facilitate and create visible value

We deliver Management Consultants for small to medium-sized businesses, but also larger Danish companies. Since 2005, we have specialized in areas such as Security, compliance, strategy, implementation, and testing. We provide resources to many different industries like Pharma, Finance, Bank, Insurance, IT, and Energy. Consultlocus helps with extra resources when our customers run projects, experience busy periods of excessive overtime or many administrative tasks.

How can we help you?

Our senior consultants are skilled and specialists in their areas. We provide resources in the form of single individuals or teams depending on your specific wishes and needs. We help to help your business achieve your goals within the nominated timeframe, budget, and quality expectation. Resources tailored to your specific needs. We would like a dialogue to uncover your demand.

Our ressources:

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • SCRUM Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Security Managers
  • GDPR Consultants
  • ISO 27000 Consultants

Our consultants cover a wide range of areas. These can be combined and expanded depending on your specific needs and queries. Consultlocus helps achieve your goals within the nominated timeframe, budget and quality expectation. We provide consultancy services tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, and we would like a dialogue to uncover your unique demand to provide you with the value you want.

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