Managed Detection and Response – MDR

Securitylocus helps protect your devices (endpoints) with award-winning security technology powered by Crowdstrike, TrendMicro, SentinelOne and Microsoft.


Combines the technologies required to stop breaches using behavioral artificial intelligence and machine learning, including true next-generation antivirus and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) to monitor devices (endpoints: include laptops, mobile devices, workstations, servers, etc.) and store potential hacker threats in a centralized database for further analysis, further learning, investigation or reporting.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Our team of cyber security experts monitors security incidents, investigates security incidents, remediates security incidents, escalates and responds to incidents 24/7/365, and our dedicated Threat Intelligence team constantly monitors the threat landscape to detect new types of attacks. To deliver as much value to your business, our Threat Intelligence team works closely with Crowdstrike, SentinelOne and Microsoft teams.

Securitylocus has developed a service on top of Crowdstrike, TrendMicro, SentinelOne and Microsoft cybersecurity services, to support your company’s ability to defend against security threats such as ransomware, malware and viruses.

The Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service includes the deployment of use cases that specifically seek to detect possible instances of potential threat activity that would indicate a ransomware attack in progress. Whether you need a complete security solution or want to create a hybrid model to expand your current team, Securitylocus has a solution to suit your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces risks
  • Security experts from either Crowdstrike, TrendMicro, SentinelOne or Microsoft monitor threats, incidents and reactions
  • You avoid the cost of having to hire, train and retrain highly qualified security experts – thus freeing up resources to be focused on other value-creating activities.
  • Provides 24×7 alarm and event handling
  • Minimizes the time from the hacker attack until the attack is detected and averted
  • Reveals vulnerabilities
  • Lifts your company’s security expertise
  • Stops security incidents with behavioral artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Simplifies the protection of your devices
  • Provides unmatched real-time and historical visibility across events and activities
  • Ensures insidious attacks do not take place undetected 24/7
  • Protects against hackers’ constant change of signature on malware / viruses
  • Replaces AV quickly and easily

Business Value

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Avoid downtime in case of virus attack

Reduces time for detection and response
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Reduces the risk of breakage
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Reduces operating costs

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) content

  • Security Operations Center – SOC
  • 24/7 Security monitoring and alerting
  • AI-based threat hunting
  • Guided cleanup
  • Integrated threat intelligence
  • Use of the MITER ATT&CK Framework
  • Security expert surveys
  • Automated and semi-automatic assessment of malware and ransomware
  • Safety risk management
  • Insight into safety and risk
  • Extended Detection & Response (XDR)
  • Up to $ 1M waranty guarantee against successful hacker attacks
  • Monthly recommendations
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Protection against unauthorized data leaves the company
  • Weekly reporting
  • Email protection
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Analysis of program behavior
  • Disk encryption
  • Firewall on device
  • Control of device outputs
  • Service level agreement – We support the operation of your security