Why is normal Antivirus not enough?

Cybercriminals are becoming more adept and smarter at their trade and using advanced threats to breach into networks.

Traditional antiviruses provide you a basic level of protection from such advanced cyber-attacks and are not sufficient to meet your network security needs. A traditional antivirus program detects malware and viruses by signature-based detection which is loaded in its database.

However, hackers are now capable of creating malware with continuously evolving codes which can easily bypass traditional antiviruses.

You need an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution.

How can Endpoint Detection and Response – EDR solutions help you?

Endpoint Detection and Response – EDR solutions are tools which help you in detection and investigation of suspicious activities across all the endpoints (Endpoints include laptops, mobile devices, workstations, servers, and any entry-point to the network) of your digital perimeter. It is becoming the preferred technology for enterprises to provide better security for their networks when compared with the traditional antivirus.

EDR solutions work by using AI and machine learning for monitoring network and endpoint events and storing the information on a centralized database for further analysis, investigation, or reporting. Suitable software is installed on the host which helps in data monitoring and reporting on the potential threats.

Benefits of Using an EDR

EDR systems have become a must-have for all modern-day enterprises to protect their digital perimeter from evolving cyber threats and security issues.

The key benefits of using an EDR system in your organization are discussed below:

Comprehensive Data Collection and Monitoring

EDR solutions also collect comprehensive data on potential attacks. It continuously monitors all the endpoints of your digital perimeter both online and offline. The data collected facilitates investigations and incident response. The data is collected and stored on the endpoints and it is mapped against the security threats for detection of threats.

You can get in-depth insight and understanding regarding the anomalies and vulnerabilities of your network and prepare better strategies to protect it from cybercriminals.

Detection of all Endpoint Threats

One of the biggest benefits of using EDR security systems is its abilities to detect all endpoint threats. It provides you visibility on all of the endpoints of your digital perimeter.

It is superior to the traditional antivirus or other tools which use signature-based or perimeter-based solutions in terms of identifying potential threats. It can help your IT teams to understand the nature of potential attacks better and prepare the appropriate response for the same.

Provides Real-Time Response

EDR solutions can provide real-time response to different potential threats. You can see the potential attacks and threats as they are evolving in the network environments and can monitor it in real-time.

This real-time response feature of EDR solutions is very useful and can cut off the attack in its initial stages only before it becomes critical for the network. You can spot the suspicious and unauthorized activities on your network and can get to the root cause of the threat, thereby enabling a better response from you. This is a huge benefit when you compare antivirus vs. edr.

Compatibility and Integration with Other Security Tools

EDR systems have become highly advanced and they are being designed to be compatible and integrate with other security tools. This integrated approach provides excellent security to the network from potential cyber threats and attacks. It allows you to correlate data pertaining to network, endpoint, and SIEM. This enables you to develop a better understanding of the techniques and behaviors used by cybercriminals to hack into your network.

Which Endpoint Detection and Response – EDR should you choose

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