Securitylocus consent form

Declaration of consent to the processing of personal data in connection with the selection and recruitment of consultants

1. Who are we?

Securitylocus a/s is responsible for the processing of personal data about you.

Our contact details are:

Securitylocus a/s
Kronprinsessegade 26
1306 Copenhagen

E-mail: gdpr@Securitylocus .com

Telephone (+45) 39 29 49 00
CVR No: 29195684

2. Purpose of processing your personal data

Securitylocus a/s communicates assignments to the best IT consultants on the market. It is Securitylocus a/s’ insight about each consultant that allows us to achieve the perfect match between the client and you as a consultant. In order for Securitylocus a/s to gain the desired insight, we need to process personal data about you.

3. What categories of personal data do we process? 

When Securitylocus a/s recruits and selects consultants, the primary source for processing of personal data is the consultant’s own CV. In addition, further information is derived from references from previous employers, information collected in connection with interviews with the candidate, etc.

Securitylocus a/s processes the following types of information about you as part of our recruitment and selection process:

General personal data

In order to contact you about possible assignments, etc., we process various contact and identification information such as name, address, phone number and email address.

As part of our work to recruit and select the right consultants, we also process information that includes descriptions of your previous assignments/recruitments, your educational background, experiences, competencies, etc. If you have stated it in your CV, we also process information about your marital status, hobbies, etc.

To further qualify the information about you, we will conduct a start-up interview with you. We also collect references about you from your former employers.

Specially regulated personal data

In connection with the selection process, Securitylocus a/s will request a criminal record from you. If you have stated it yourself, Securitylocus a/s will also process your cpr-number or information on criminal convictions.

Sensitive personal data

If you have stated it yourself, Securitylocus a/s will process health information about you. In some situations, Securitylocus a/s also uses personality tests, which in practice are considered health information.

4. Which types of processing do we carry out? 

We record all information about you in our central consultant database. It is from our consultant database that we continuously retrieve, use, update and delete personal data about our consultants. As part of our ongoing work to find relevant assignments for you, we disclose personal data (your CV) to our clients.

Securitylocus a/s uses IT suppliers who, in accordance with our instructions, are responsible for part of the processing of your personal data. Securitylocus a/s has entered into data processing agreements with these suppliers.

Securitylocus a/s cooperates with other consultancy firms. In this connection, Securitylocus a/s discloses your personal data (typically CVs). However, this supply of information will only take place with the explicit consent of the consultant.

5. Withdrawal of consents

Please note that you may revoke your consent at any time by using the contact information provided in paragraph 1.

6. More information

You can also read more about Securitylocus a/s’ personal data processing in our personal data policy at