Are you ready for new professional challenges?

What can we offer you?

For the prospective candidates – a job with more of everything: Variety, certifications, academic advancements and a broad clientele. If you are a newly graduate or just looking for new challenges, we offer a good starting point for an exciting career that constantly contributes to your professional and personal development.

Do you want to become a part of Securitylocus ‘ consultant platform?

Please send us your CV and exam grades. If we see a match between your competencies and what our customers demand, we will invite you to a non-committal conversation and then add you to our consultant platform.

When you are on our consultant platform, you are not employed by us and you will not receive a salary. Being part of our platform simply means that we can offer you exciting, non-binding jobs. If you receive a job offer that you would like to apply for, we will forward your CV to our client, who assesses whether they want to see you for an interview.

Securitylocus will be your supporting team and therefore we offer you pre-trial work for the job interview in order to make you feel well prepared. If the client wants to cooperate with you, you will be employed by us and will you be working as an external consultant with the client.

Typical project positions

  • Security consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Certified Project Manager
  • Agile Consultant
  • Certified tester
  • Certified Test Manager
  • Developer